Global approach centered on human

RCP has developed a unique methodology that approaches every project as a whole, taking into account the context and the user. The aim is to bring innovation by examining each subject studied and provide an original point of view based on several fundamentals: identify and understand the issues, define customized solutions, provide user-oriented design based on user satisfaction. 

To understand and innovate

Global approach centered on human

Our tools define and prioritize what is objectively perceived and thereby understood by the user, which helps identifying "where to focus the design effort". These tools are crossed with our expertise in design, making our projects technically feasible, cost saving and maintainable.

Our expertise

Our expert fields

Our work, often collaborative, and our project management allow perfect control and creativity. We support all actors in the project and incorporate their different needs. Our aim is to provide the best solution and avoid average results due to different constraints. By including the various issues, all actors adopt the project. The project becomes reality to meet contemporary needs, by incorporating technical innovation and service innovation to a controlled product.